The village community (Byalaget)

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Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group - abbreviated SVEG - is a non-profit organization with the purpose to study and document our history with a particular focus on the Viking and Middle Ages.

Association SVEG is first and foremost support group for Fotevikens Museum
Any one who are interested in the Viking Age and early Middle Ages are welcome to join the association SVEG. If you have interest, and are an active member (volunteer) in the association, you can also be elected to the Town team.

The Town team

The stage is Fotevikens Museum's reconstructed Viking Town in Höllviken – a historically accurate Viking environment. The objective of the Town team is to be a resource in the museum's efforts to to make this environment which exists in the Viking Town come to life, the development of their and others knowledge in living history, experimental archeology and historic crafts, the development of  interaction and camaraderie in the Viking community, and hereby makes the visit to the Viking town a credible time travel for our visitors.
The people who populate the town during the season is except for the Town team also staff, volunteers and students who are interested in living a Viking life.
Fotevikens museum have cooperate with Viking associations from across Europe for many years. This makes the Viking town to a natural meeting place for theViking interested in engaged in re-enactment and Living History.